Monday, November 7, 2011

The Grace Of God


I have always appreciated Andy Stanley’s writings. He has a way of make a point that is profound, sound very, maybe even overly simplistic. Yet when you think about it, you come back around to the profundity of his thought. Andy does that repeatedly in The Grace Of God. Beginning at the beginning, the story of Adam and Eve, Andy relates through each chapter of his book, and through the Bible, showing the Grace of God each way.

With his carefree and easy going style, Andy has written a book that would be enjoyed by scholar and layman alike. I would highly recommend y’all reading this book, learning more about the gracious God that we serve. I am giving this book five stars, a rating I stingily pass out. I am linking it through to Amazon. This would be a great purchase for yourself or as a Christmas gift.

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