Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Do Not Play Farmville

I do not play Farmville, Bill.
I've never played it, never will.

Patty has hijacked my 'puter,
To make HER own Farmville cuter.

I don't mind and never will,
But I don't play Farmville, Bill.

It doesn't matter if it's rainin',
or the sun is shining; I won't be playin'.

So please don't ask me for a goat!
'Cause this game's just not my boat.

I know how much y'all love your creations,
But, jeez, I have 5000 notifications!!

Ten want chickens, and 30 want trees,
And I don't even know what that means!

So play the game and I wish you well,
But this Farmville thing is kinda heck.

Yeah, it didn't rhyme. But I'm a pastor
and wanted to leave you with some laughter.

So ask away, my chickens, my goats,
my fence row, and my garden moat

I'm sure Patty will send you what you desire
like a cow, or some barbed wire.

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