Monday, February 22, 2010

Light Bulbs and Lamps

One day last week I noticed that the light in the bathroom seemed, well, darker. Upon inspection I realized that the glasses that encase the light bulbs were dusty. Go figure. So I cleaned them by putting them in the dishwasher. Amazing! They looked brand new and the light was crystal clear. Speaking of clear light, GE has developed a new light bulb called Reveal. These are the bulbs we're using in the bathroom. The glass is tinted purple (lavender to be exact) so it gives a “clear light” as apposed to white glass that gives a “yellow light”. Go figure, part deux. Purple glass gives white light, while white glass gives yellow light. Kinda like how a brown cow eating green grass gives white milk? Now I'm no light expert, but that is amazing to think about.

Something else amazing to think about is the way the Bible is compared to a light. I thought about that in relation to David’s great Psalms, especially, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105 (NKJV)

Today, we can light up a room with a flick of a wall switch; in biblical times, however, lamps were required. They burned brightly, but only with proper care. If the wick got to short, or soot was aloud to build up, the flame would become weak. In Psalm 119, David is using a lamp as a metaphor for God’s Word. If we diligently tend to the lamp, it will give a clear light. In-other-words, it will reveal the truth. (See how I did that, with the whole Reveal analogy.)

What David is saying is that the lamp flickers when form replaces function and traditions push aside the commandments of God. Or more aptly put, when we allow our lamp (i.e. The Bible) to get dusty. The light dims when we stay away from God's Word and the fellowship of other believers. The light must remain clear and bright in order to “light our paths”, another way of saying “Show us God’s Will.” If we want God to reveal His will for our lives, we will keep our lights dishwasher fresh and tinted purple. We will keep the light crisp, clear, and a central part of our daily walk.

So take a moment today and dust off your Swords. Spend some time with the Father and ask God to put a little light on your path.

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